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7 Stage Counter Top Water Purifier and Dispenser

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KAHCWATPURE_7STAGEPROCESS_v2 Sureaqua Filtered Water

Counter Top Water Purifier and Dispenser
Never buy bottled water again!

Cut out harsh chemicals and enjoy purified, chilled water in your home or office – pours hot water too!

Pour hot and cold water
Instantly purifies your water by filtering out harsh chemicals
Save money by never having to buy water bottles again
Perfect for the home or office

Cleaner, purer water

Water is often delivered to our taps via ageing pipelines that can have a big impact on the quality and taste of our drinking water.

This Water Purifier and Dispenser System features 7 Stages of Advanced Filtration that work to instantly filter out nasty chemicals that our bodies are better off without. Plus, the bottle is BPA free, and the dispenser is able to pour both hot and cold water at the flick of a nozzle.

Save money

Because the dispenser comes with its own refillable bottle, you’ll never have to buy bottled water again!

That also means no long term contracts with suppliers, helping to save you and your business money.


  • 7 Stage Advanced Filtration System
  • Slim design
  • Easy to assemble
  • BPA free plastic
  • 500W of heating power,
  • 85W of cooling power


capacity dimensions electrical power
Cooling   1.0L/h 95 x 32 x 31cm Upper Barrel Diameter: 268.5mm Lower Barrel Diameter: 278.5mm Total Height: 464mm Electric Shock Prevention
Type I
Power Input Cooling
Power Input Heating
240V / 60Hz
Heating    5.0L/h reservoirs
Tank Capacity

Warranty information

Please read our important warranty information carefully…

1 Year Australian Warranty (included)
3 Year Australian Warranty (extended)
5 Year Australian Warranty (extended)100%


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