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    Why should your tank water be treated? Here are some of the things that can contaminate the water in your tank: Bird, possum and other animal droppings on your roof that get washed in to your water supply. Live animals and insects (i.e. mosquitoes) that have access to your tank Dead animals such […]

…Welcome to AquaTru™ Welcome to the water revolution Taste AquaTru provides great-tasting pure water, just like your favorite bottled water provides. Quality Unlike regular pitcher or refrigerator filters, AquaTru takes out virtually all toxic chemicals in your tap water. AquaTru’s TruPure technology is a 4-Stage purification process: Stage 1 – Mechanical Pre-Filter Stage 2 – […]

Reduces 60 contaminants Retains beneficial minerals Superior Claryum® filtration To view the current cartridge replacement for this water filter system, please click below: Aquasana AQ-4035 Replacement Filters – Dual Cartridge Set

Removes more fluoride Easily install under the sink Filter replacement is easier     Turn ordinary tap water into an ocean of antioxidants Industry-best, world class filtration. Amazing alkalizing, ionizing and hydrogen capability High ORP (antioxidant) potential without the bad taste of high pH Choice of 2 colours – Black & Silver or Porcelain White […]

6 Stage 12L Benchtop Water Purifier

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  6-Stage filtration Removes water impurities  Natural mineral water Typhoid Cholera Amoeba etc An advanced and professional concept design with the forming principle of natural mineral water.  Works great as a retainer filter by removing all chemicals and heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and cysts, then add the water to this gravity fed system to re-mineralise […]